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It's really happening!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023


Just incase you might have missed it on my IG stories...


So to give you some history. Last year (2022) I attended the August NyNow Trade Show in NYC! My friend Barbara came and supported me through the whole thing and even drove me back home. Get yourself a friend that believes in you so much that she will sit in horrendous NYC traffic just to make sure you're fed.

At said show I learned a lot about the stationery industry and to be completely honest I learned a lot about myself too. Up until that point I doubted myself and thought if I was even in the right trade. Turns out I am!

I met so many businesses and was able to connect with even more in person. I made some connections of all sizes but one that ended up being huge was that with Bulletin. They are a wholesale platform for B2B purchases. So like Etsy for the retailer. After talking with them I immediately signed up the minute I got back from the show. Now you purchase my products for wholesale on Bulletin along with Faire!

Having made this connection, a couple of months after the show I got an email directly from Anthropologie! They found me on Bulletin! They asked to see a sample of the 'Merci Beaucoup' Greeting Card and after seeing the sample they proceeded to place the biggest order of my life!

2,200 cards! Having over 200 locations I can safely assume that they are available nationwide.

After going through all of the legalities and product production and etc. they are now available in stores.

Going to the NYNow show I had always said how cool would it be if Anthropologie picked me up. Well now that dream is true and I can't believe that all of my hard work paid off.

If you happen to pop into your local Anthro, do me a favor a take a pic and tag me on IG.

I'm so excited to see where this goes and I'll keep you in the loop if they order anything more.


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