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Emerson Suite

Introducing the Emerson Suite: A Symphony of Watercolor Elegance

Immerse yourself in the poetic elegance of the Emerson Suite—an invitation suite adorned with watercolor art commissioned by the late local artist Kristen Loya. In a palette of white and orange, Emerson sets the stage for a celebration that's not only elegant but also pays homage to the artistic legacy of Kris.

The hand-painted citrus and border floral elements, inspired by Kristen's artistry, create a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of romantic simplicity. Picture the white canvas delicately kissed by vibrant shades of orange, where each citrus detail is a testament to the artistic beauty commissioned by a talented artist whose legacy lives on.

The Emerson Suite is more than an invitation; it's a celebration of artistic elegance and a tribute to a creative spirit lost to cancer. Its design, featuring art framed text, is a heartfelt homage to Kris’ vision. Let it be the canvas for your romantic celebration, where every watercolor stroke tells a story of timeless sophistication and artistic love.

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