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Moselle Suite

Introducing the Moselle Suite: Dark Elegance with Illustrated Allure

Step into the enchanting world of the Moselle Suite—a wedding invitation suite that captures the essence of dark elegance with bold, monochromatic sophistication. Featuring white ink on a canvas of black and white, this suite is a masterpiece of intricate illustrations, letterpress design, and dense romance.

The Moselle Suite draws you in with its high-contrast allure, featuring illustrated drawings of delicate skeleton hands entwined with romantic blooms. The formal and dense design creates a sense of classic elegance, setting the stage for a celebration that's as bold as it is timeless.

Immerse yourself in the monochromatic beauty of black and white, where letterpress intricacies add depth to every detail. The Moselle Suite invites your guests to experience a celebration that harmonizes dark elegance with classic allure, creating an atmosphere that is both bold and romantically captivating.

Let this suite be the herald of your dark, bold, and classic love story, where every illustrated detail is a chapter in the tale of your timeless union.

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